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Lose Your Sh*t!™ Virtual Body Image and Weight Loss Class

Feel like you are up against a wall with diets? Anxious about the upcoming holidays? Change your relationship with your body and food...for good. Join us in this 6 week long virtual class to help you eliminate the subconscious patterns that work against us for a positive body image and/or dieting.
Lose Your Sh*t!™ Virtual Body Image and Weight Loss Class

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Nov 08, 6:00 PM EST – Dec 13, 8:30 PM EST
Lose Your Sh*t

About the Event

Premise: How many of you feel angst or shame the second food, body image or weight comes up? How many of you feel like you don’t get to have a normal life, because of the heavy emotions around food and weight? I used to feel this way too. When we experience angst or shame around our bodies, our weight or food, oftentimes it is very painful. It can create anxiety, dread, bring up emotional trauma. It can create fear, stress or depression, and in some cases, even physical pain. Recently, I was working with a client who is unhappy with her current body, and she was shocked that her feelings about her body had emanated in her hip! Weeks after the session, she remains pain free.

Cognomovement does things differently. We understand that the subconscious wants to protect us, and often feels out of alignment with our conscious minds and what we really want for ourselves. We focus on the negative emotions around weight and body image, so you can feel ease around those topics again. We delete the old patterns of shame, angst and guilt, and we create new patterns that allow a shift in perspective. We also discuss what is RIGHT about our current bodies, and acknowledge there are potentially many reasons and layers as to why we allowed our bodies to get to where we are today. We discuss what our ideal bodies may look like. Maybe we are already inside our ideal body, but we just didn't see that yet. Maybe our ideal body will look different than it does now. We delete cravings for the foods that we love to binge on, and we delete the pattern that has us compromising our commitment to our diets on a regular basis. We remove the resistance we have on a subconscious layer, to make it much easier to align our actions with our conscious minds without the extra work to navigate the blocks our subconscious has thrown up for us.

Description: 6 week virtual class. (Zoom required.) Each week, we will focus on a different area to break apart those patterns which will allow a greater level of ease to feel comfortable in your body now, or to make it easier to work towards a different body if that's what you truly want..and this will teach you how to stay in that body.

On weekdays, I will be doing minutes live around unfulfillment in our Lose Your Sh!t Facebook group. After the first week of daily sessions, we will add one about “this won’t work for me” so we can clear out limiting beliefs.

Each piece is important, and I have found through my own testing that the daily minutes are critical to shifting our perspectives in order to make it easier to find and stay in our ideal bodies. These are your sessions you can continue to do over time, for as long as you need.

To sign up: Please purchase both the Cognomovement Basic Training (You will get access for life to 3 videos which you can use repeatedly plus 2 Cognomovement balls) as well as a ticket for the class itself. Basic Training is required to take this class. Click here to purchase Basic Training.

Once you have enrolled, you will be sent a link to the Facebook group. 

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    +$2.50 Service fee

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