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Katie learned Cognomovement when navigating her way out of chronic pain.

Key takeaways:


  1. Chronic doesn't have to mean permanent®

  2. All of our bodies have the ability to heal themselves

  3. You can accept the diagnosis without accepting the prognosis

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Katie is a powerhouse guide for anyone seeking relief and healing from their debilitating chronic pain. She walks the line of real-world practicum and the invisible energy of healing. Unlike most coaches in her space, she has first-hand, personal experience of what debilitating chronic physical pain does to ruin a person's life. She has already been in the darkness you are in and spent years experimenting with the pain management and healing practices that generated results. It is rare to meet someone that turns their past suffering into hope for others. If you seek help from what seems hopeless, Katie is the nurturer to have as part of your journey.                                -


Michael Ian Cedar

What is Cognomovement?

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Is Cognomovement right for you?

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Single Session

Ready to delete your old patterns and create new ones?



Cognomovement sessions last ~90 minutes. They can be focused on an emotion, a physical sensation, or a craving. There are also bundles listed below. Classes will be listed on the Events page as they become available. **ball purchase required - scroll to link below to buy your Cognoball



The more you do, the more you save!

Cognomovement Bundles
  • 6 pack - $840. Save $60!

  • 10 pack - $1200. Save $300!


What you get:
  • A deeper dive into yourself

  • More healing of stress and emotions

  • More growth with less effort

  • Faster improvement with interpersonal relationships

  • Assistance with changing your perspective and perception of body pain

  • Reduced anxiety and depression**ball purchase required - scroll to link below to buy your Cognoball

  • PLUS: coaching via text and email between sessions

Plant Ceremony Preparation 

3 cognomovement sessions ~90 min each

Cognomovement Plant Ceremony Preparation is for those who want to take the time to clear lower level energy prior to engaging in plant medicine ceremonies such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin and San Pedro.

What you get:

  • Root and sacral chakra energies cleared prior to ceremony

  • Insight into anything else your body needs to prepare for ceremony

  • Eliminate fear or trepidation surrounding ceremony

  • Program in the experience you want to have with ceremony

  • *ball purchase required - scroll to link below to buy your Cognoball

Plant Ceremony Integration

2 cognomovement sessions ~90 min each

Cognomovement Plant Ceremony Integration is for those who felt both excited by what you learned in ceremony, as well as unsure of where to start, or how to integrate those messages into your life. Sometimes we get an overwhelming amount of information from this type of ceremony, and Cognomovement can help.

What you get:

  • Assistance in properly identifying the most meaningful messages to prioritize those into your life

  • Insight into anything else you may want or need, in order to fully integrate your new knowledge

  • A clear plan forward with actionable steps and reasonable dates to complete those steps

  • Alignment of your actions with your goals from ceremony

  • *ball purchase required - scroll to link below to buy your Cognoball


Note: If you are interested in buying a ball for yourself, or purchasing Basic Training to get familiar with it before our work, click here.

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